Stephen Rapp Wooden Boxes

Stephen Rapp Wooden Boxes

Steve began woodworking as a child under the tutelage of his father and uncle. As a young man, he surpassed their knowledge of wood and construction and began inventing his own techniques and designs. Steve's love of wood has been expressed in designing and building custom and studio furniture, lathe-turnings, rebuilding antiques, and making his functional signature boxes. He is a self-taught artisan with the necessary technical knowledge and skilled-hands in designing and producing the finest mixed-media boxes. No classes, no art instruction, no mentor…he is not burdened by the need for the teachings of a whimsical art form but utilizing his innovative imagination is Steve's connection with creativity is a shadow of nature's perfection.

Collecting and integrating nature's wonders have never ceased for Steve and are expressed in his box creations. As the box designs continue to evolve and become more complex, the use of epoxy and associated compounds pose a unique set of technical problems. Steve developed and implements a process which is temperamental, unforgiving and is dominant in this specialized art form.

One-of-a-kind, precisely-constructed, and maintenance free, each box has style and exhibits a connection with our earth and nature. Emphasis on rich grains of native and exotic woods that compliment highly-desired minerals, fossils, and artifacts result in customers saying “Wow, finally something new and exciting!” The boxes are heirloom quality collectibles. Steve's signature boxes are enjoyed in homes and businesses worldwide.

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