Passion Eggs

Russian Passion eggs are typically hand-painted Russian religious art and icons in egg-form.

Eggs, both natural and made from various materials, are found in burial sites of ancient cultures, and many a world mythology and religion includes belief in treating the egg as a symbol of life, renewal and rebirth. In some cultures, the egg is a symbol of the origin for all that exists in the world.

The celebration of Easter in the world centers around rebirth, renewal, and the symbolism of the "Easter egg" in both religious and non religious ceremony. The celebration of Easter in Russia follows the introduction of the Russian orthodox religion in the 10th century, and Easter eggs came to mean not the birth of nature, but the rebirth of man. Christians embraced the egg symbol and likened it to the tomb from which Christ arose. The term "Passion" refers to the suffering of Jesus including Christ's crucifixion.

During the Soviet era in Russia, when religion was persecuted and forced underground, the tradition of both painting religious passion eggs and exchanging decorated eggs for Easter virtually disappeared. The traditions and rituals of decorating Easter eggs, and producing these exquisite hand-painted icons in egg-form, returned only after the demise of the Soviet Union.

Today, many talented artist and icon painters in Russia are producing passion eggs on various materials, mostly creating their works on turned kiln dried linden-wood. Each egg is a work of art unto itself; and the value as a collectible art or Religious symbol is directly proportionate to the fine detail and labor involved in each piece.

No matter if representing fine art; or representing the liturgical meaning and symbolism, Russian passion eggs are truly a unique and traditional art form. Easter eggs will continue to be important in cultures throughout the world; and the Russian American Company in Sitka Alaska has perhaps the finest representation in all of the US. Please consider adding one of these to your personal collection, or as a gift in remembrance of a loved one this Easter!

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