Russian Crosses

Russian Crosses

Russian Cross JewelrySome say that the slanted bar represents the two different ways our lives can be going, so we must always pay attention to the choices that we are offered, and be true to our faith.

The Russian Orthodox cross is a traditional 3 bar cross depicted for centuries in the orthodox faith.

Exactly when the Orthodox cross was first shown with the three bar is unknown.The three bar cross clearly shows shape of the cross that Christ was crucified upon. The top bar symbolizes the song that started in Latin, Greek and Hebrew "Jesus Christ, the King of Jews". The middle bar symbolizes the bar upon which His hands were nailed. The third, slanting, bar symbolizes the bar His feet were nailed to. Traditionally it is believed that Christ in His agony and withering upon the cross twisted the bar. The slanting bar also clearly symbolizes the two thieves who were crucified along Him; the one who taunted Him and the other who begged "remember me when you come to your kingdom".

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