Matryoshka and Nevalashka Dolls

Matryoshka and Nevalashka Dolls

Russian Christmas themed matryoshka and nevalashka dolls.

 Russian Christmas could not be brighter than the scenes on these delightful Christmas nesting dolls, featuring Grandfather frost, Snegoruchka, the Snow Maiden and other traditional Christmas and Russian fairy tales. Hand-Painted in Russia, each a magical, collectable Christmas gift that will delight both children and adults who find them under the Christmas tree. Matryoshka nesting dolls with winter snows and Christmas joys are found in 3 to 30 piece nesting sets, each a one of a kind Russian gift and collectable, signed by the artists, and will be treasured for years to come.

Or select a Russian Christmas nevalashka, the traditional Russian rolly-polly doll with the bell inside, created also by our nesting doll artists with the craftsmanship and detail of painting that our Russian artists have become known for around the world.

Russian Santa Claus, known as Grandfather frost, has been depicted on these traditional Russian art forms for over 200 years. We are proud to feature the very best of Russian Christmas nesting dolls, and Russian Christmas nevalashka dolls, in our stores and on our website. Choose a unique and different Christmas gift, a timeless collectable imported directly from Russia!

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