Fossil Ivory Jewelry

Fossil Ivory JewelryMammoth ivory is anywhere from 10,000 to 200,000 years old and is found in Arctic regions such as Alaska, Canada, Chukotka (or the Chuckchi Peninsula), Yakutia, Magadan and Siberia where the tusks have been preserved in the permafrost. These massive tusks are unearthed many ways; modern day gold miners dredge up mineralized remains in the course of placer mining activities, spring floods wash tusks from frozen river banks, bush pilots spot the huge tusks jutting out of the tundra, and Eskimo subsistence hunters find mammoth remains incidentally in their daily task of survival.

The ancient ivories featured in our designs vary from 300 to over 15,000 years old, and come from both fossilized walrus and ancient mammoth tusk. We are passionately opposed the sale of elephant ivory of any kind. You will never find this ivory in our jewelry and all fossil ivories our jewelers use is legally collected from private lands.

Our fossilized ivory carvings showcase the beauty inherent in ancient ivory coupled with the timeless beauty of sterling silver.

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