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Unique Museum Quality Matryoshka Dolls (over $300)

Although most nesting dolls in Russia are created as souvenirs and children's dolls, Matryoshka Nesting Dolls at their highest level have also become a type of art that is coveted by collectors of fine art. Some of the best artists in Russia are using matryoshka as a canvas for presenting the most unique and fine-quality painting found anywhere. Some of the contemporary artists are going beyond the traditional subject matter to create original one-of-a-kind nesting doll sets that far surpass what was being produced even 20 years ago.  The preparation time, uniqueness, detail and quality, much like in any art-form, really dictates the value, price, and collectability.  Consider that each nesting doll created at this level is much like an original painting done for display on a wall, except that there may be 10 or more original paintings in a set! A traditional Russian nesting doll set at the highest artistic level is indeed a unique and valuable piece for sophisticated collectors of fine-art.

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